The Good Doctors

Chapter seven of the crime thriller Francis Laurent will be the start of a new book that moves away from the Jacqueline Willoughby trilogy to a historical fiction thriller.

The Good Doctors story begins as Penn University medical school intern Robert Madigan prepares to leave his studies after the untimely passing of his father. He feels he needs to return to his home in Montana, to support his mother and two younger siblings. After confiding in his professor, he is offered an alternative. His professor sends Robert to meet with Gavin Noel, a man who offers him a lucrative financial proposition he finds impossible to refuse- to become a paid-for-hire killer.

Robert recruits two fellow students and friends to assist him; Samuel Moore, who is studying to be a medical doctor and mortician, and Clark Magnusson, an aspiring psychologist. Together, they create meticulous, even flawless, plans for the killing of their victims. Robert adds a unique and creative flair all his own, offering each victim a choice on how they will be put to death- by the bullet or by the needle. Robert, Samuel and Clark call themselves The Good Doctors.

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