Jacqueline Willoughby Narrator Scott Ellis

What an honor to have Scott Ellis narrate my first book Jacqueline Willoughby. Scott is a world class voice actor.

As a trained actor, musician and recently retired children’s librarian, Scott wakes up everyday to entertain. When he is behind the microphone, his sole purpose is to bring life to the characters he is voicing, to convince you that you have been transported to another place or make you emotionally connected to his topic. Scott’s voice can be at once powerful yet calm, smooth and strong. His voice is dynamic and he can portray many voice characterizations but remains easy to listen to while maintaining a consistent cadence and rhythm. Scott and his studio, Scott Ellis Reads have produced over 70 audiobooks, both in the genres of fiction and non-fiction. One of the best parts about working with Scott as a narrator is he understands the ownership an author has over their book and is willing to work closely with them to ensure the narration has the correct tone or “feel” that the author wishes to communicate. Scott is incredibly genuine, flexible and wants each author to be thrilled about the way the audio sounds on their project. You can visit the Scott Ellis Reads website at www.ScottEllisReads.com and stay up to date with recent releases on Facebook and Instagram.