Noir at the Bar – Virtual

Join Us for Noir at the Bar on Saturday, January 16th, 2021!

Disillusion, despair, retribution, and unhappy endings… it seems like this whole year has been a live-action noir fiction novel! Imagine how difficult it would be to strike out on a journey of revenge in the middle of a pandemic!

We’re taking a walk on the dark side with our virtual Noir at the Bar event on January 16, 2021, at 7 PM CST with 14 award-winning authors. Our guest list includes:

  • Lyndee Walker
  • Norma Hinkens
  • Helen Matthews
  • Maggie Thom
  • Jeff Wade
  • Henry Farley
  • Hayley M. Moon
  • Loreth Anne White
  • Rebecca Forster
  • Lorisa Bates
  • Cathy Ace
  • Robert Dugoni
  • Hank Early
  • Schuyler Randall

Together we’ll drink and enjoy a couple musical numbers from professional jazz singer Sara Jones to set the mood of an old-school speakeasy. Enjoy a night of low light, red wine, murder, and mystery with people who can’t get enough of the seedy underbelly of literature.

To keep things upbeat, in a rare display of optimism (or at least as close as you get to optimism in noir fiction), I will be reading a excerpt from my April release novel Francis Laurent – Chapter 9 – Serve and Protect.

Whether you’re just getting into the noir fiction genre or you’ve been a dedicated fan for years, this night is the perfect opportunity to scout some new books for your reading list and enjoy the virtual company of literature fans.

Join us for a night that will transport you into your favorite stories and give you more insights into the characters that we all hate to love and love to hate! We hope to see you there! You can sign up to attend by clicking on the link