Voice Narrator Ann Bumbak


Have you ever listened to something and found yourself just tuning out because the reader’s voice was so dull and monotonous?  On the other extreme, have you ever listened to something that you just could not stop listening to?  That you were excited for and engaged in?  A talented voiceover artist has the power to make that difference.  They can elevate your time spent listening to an audiobook, to a whole new level. They do not just read the story; they bring it to life. Through the power of their voice, they make the characters of the story stand out and give them each their own personality. Readers cannot help but get caught up in the book and feel as though they are part of the action.

Ann Bumbak is one such talented voiceover artist. She is well established in the industry and has narrated over 25 audiobooks ranging in topics from historical non-fiction to whirlwind romances, to medieval fantasy works and gritty crime stories. Her voice is genuine in tone and emotion, allowing her to go far beyond just acting as she reads the story. Instead, with her deep, smooth, and sultry voice, she gives a performance that will captive listeners. She has a remarkable ability to bring characters to life with passion and depth.

Being an author herself, to over 10 books, provides her with a unique insight into how crucial the right tone, narration, and feel of them both can be to audiobooks. With this, she sets an authentic mood and allows listeners to visualize the story in their heads.  

You can hear her most recent work, in the audiobook version of my newest novel, Francis Laurent. She provides the voice narration for this gritty tale of revenge and redemption. The story is told through the eyes of Laurent’s daughter, Raina. As she fights her own demons’ Raina shares her father’s story and his strong desire for vigilantism. Ann’s voice breathes life into Raina and all the other characters, putting the listener right into the center of the action.