Francis Laurent

by Schuyler Randall

Narrated by: Ann Bumbak

Production by: Randy N. Moon

Justice, Punishment, and More!

Francis Laurent is an intense, faithful man who has a knack for justice. During Prohibition, Laurent is faced with solving the murder of his best friend, August Day, and three armor truck officers. Justice will prevail and will come at the hands of Laurent in a creative manner fitting to the crime, you will be hooked! Told through the eyes of his estranged daughter, Raina you will be kept on the edge of your chair.

The author, Schuyler Randall, has done an excellent job of creating a story using the themes of justice, revenge, and punishment. While also creating characters that are not only authentic but ones that elicit a response from the listener. You will come to dislike most of the folks and will smile when payback happens. Highly creative and well written! One cannot sit back without having a response, it will happen! Laurent and his daughter, Raina are well developed. The other characters are developed just enough for the story. After all, this is the story of Francis Laurent and no one else!

Ann Bumbak was the narrator. Bumbak’s narration was very good; she was effective at character differentiation. I had not heard her works before but she did an excellent job of keeping my attention throughout the book. I’m not sure there is anything I would say she could improve on, I thought this was a good performance – she spoke clearly, smoothly and distinctively.

For me, the characters were predictable to a degree. The story is predictable in the sense that the characters were stereotypical for that time. While some may see it as a downside, I see it as authentic and more realistic! That was pivotal to my liking the book so much!

And yes, it is violent! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope to hear more by Randall and performances by Bumbak!

There were no issues with the quality or production of this audiobook, it was clear and well produced.

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