The Tree of life – A Fantasy Thriller

Radulfus turned and looked at each of us as he continued, “You see, gentlemen, Caspian came in 115 AD. My father was a teacher in a synagogue in northern Africa. He was approached by a man who he had seen in a crowd and who differed from the other worshippers. His name was Vitus, and he and my father became very good friends. Vitus was a pure, kind, and genuine spirit.”

“One day, Vitus asked him, ‘Would you like to live in a perfect place, a place where the sun shines every day, even when it rains, and has a sun at night? The food and water are plentiful. The animals are gentle and the people are kind and loving. There are no tears of pain or suffering—no sickness, disease, disappointment, or loss. Caspian, would you like to live a place where you have the choice to live forever?’”

“He brought my father here and after a few years, he ate of the leaf. My father didn’t know Vitus was getting him ready to become the overseer of the land. One day Vitus said he was tired and wanted to rest.”

“My father gained so much knowledge from Vitus over the hundred years he was under his tutoring. Caspian was a very wise man.” Radulfus spoke of his father with so much pride and respect.

“Radulfus, is this Vitus a part of the biblical history I’ve read about?” asked Richard as he stepped closer to Radulfus.

“Tell me, who is the Vitus you have read about?” replied Radulfus.  

Richard looked at me and said, “The Apostle Paul?”

“Yes. Vitus followed Paul until his crucifixion.”

I looked at Dr. Jenner, as I was floored over what I was hearing. Radulfus said, “Vitus knew many people; one that he spoke highly of was Balthazar.”

“He knew Balthazar!?” I asked. “I have to know, did Vitus see—”

Before I could finish the question, Radulfus interrupted, “Yes, he saw the baby in the manger and was a witness at Golgotha as he stood and wept. After 900 hundred years, my father had grown tired and also wanted to rest. I’m now overseeing the land.”

Dr. Jenner stepped up and asked, “Radulfus, this is a beautiful place, where is this tree that the remarkable leaf came from?”

“Follow me.”