“I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Jacqueline suddenly erupted, startling Raina from across the small room. “I’m sorry, Raina, but none of this makes a lick of sense to me.”  

“Oh? How’s that?” Raina asked, still puzzled by her aunt’s unwarranted outburst. 

“Why didn’t Francis just have the Gates brothers shoot and kill all these people? Why go through all the trouble of setting up these elaborate schemes?” 

“Aunt Jacqueline,” Raina replied, her voice full of quiet tolerance for her aunt’s lack of understanding, “It was never about simply killing these evil, selfish criminals. Dad didn’t want to see these yellow belly bastards die clean and fast. They didn’t deserve that kind of mercy. Each one of these cowards was responsible for cutting short the lives of the innocent, and for that, Dad would personally see to it that each one of them would meet a long, drawn-out end at his hand.”