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A Snippet From Chapter 1 & Chapter 7 – Francis Laurent

A snippet from the beginning of Chapter 1 – PAYING RESPECTS  According to Raina, the funeral procession took place in late September 1922. It was a cold, windy day in Birmingham; the cemetery trees’ twisted fingers lay bare of their brown and orange leaves. Moving slowly among the colorful foliage that littered the grounds were […]

The Rise of Niagara

It’s funny to think that it all began in the comfort of his own apartment. A chemical lab True had designed and produced for the very purpose of this project would be the thing to change everything about his life, and the world around him. He would never have foreseen it, but now he couldn’t […]

Raina: A Prequel to Jacqueline Willoughby

Chapter 15 – It Shall be Done Four months later, as Attorney Jed Murphy awakens, he realizes he is outside in an open field. “Where am I?” he asks as he looks around in confusion, shaking off the drug that had sedated him hours earlier. He tries moving his body, but notices he can’t move […]

Francis Laurent – Chapter 9

Serve and Protect “WHERE AM I?!” Strohecker asked, barely able to reel in his wandering senses as his eyes tried desperately to focus. Just as what happened to Becton, Strohecker was simply going about his daily morning routine when a hard thump to the back of his head sent everything into darkness. Coming to several […]